Java Ijen Bondowoso

Tasting Notes: Elderflower, Berries, Raisin


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Country: Indonesia Processing: Carbonic Maceration Natural
Region: East Java, Bondowoso Producer: Ijen Lestari
Altitude: 1400 - 1500 MASL Tasting Notea: Elderflower, Berries, Raisin
Varietal: Kartika & USDA

Dandy's passion for specialty coffee was ignited during his college years, propelling him to delve deeper into the intricate processes of coffee harvesting and production. His extensive visits to various coffee farms not only acquainted him with Java's unique coffee-growing regions but also illuminated areas where the cultivation and processing methods could be refined.

Armed with this insight, he took the bold step of establishing a washing station, committed to elevating the quality of coffee in the region. Over more than six years, Dandy diligently cultivated Arabica coffee in the picturesque Ijen region, earning both local and global recognition for his contributions to the Indonesian coffee industry.

The processing starts after picking the ripest cherries, then they put them inside the fermentation tank and macerate the cherries with carbon dioxide for 3 days. Then they move the coffee to a drying bed and let it dry until it reaches 11-12% moisture content.

The Carbonic Maceration process gives these Kartika & USDA varieties an elegant aroma that reminds us of an elderflower, followed by complex berries flavors and acidities, with a dried fruit sensation that resembles raisin.

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