Aceh Pantan Musara

Tasting Notes: Lemon Candy, Brown Sugar, Chamomile

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Country: Indonesia Processing: Full Washed
Region: Pegasing Producer: Hamdan & Hendra Maulizar
Altitude: 1500 masl Tasting Notes: Lemon Candy, Brown Sugar, Chamomile
Varietal: Mixed Varietals

This coffee is produced by Mr. Hamdan, a believer of constant experimentation and innnovation, and in offering only the best coffees of Gayo. He was particularly interesed in a traditional but long abandoned post-harvest processing technique, the ‘Dry Ivory.’ This method requires washed coffee to be dried in shade under the zinc roofs without direct exposure to sunlight. This method was losing popularity due to its longer drying period hence, later pay day.

Through a modified version of Dry Ivory processing Mr. Hamdan helped gained recognition for Gayo coffees at a specialty coffee auction in Bali in 2010. With the help of his son, Mr. Hendra, he built a processing mill that now buys coffee cherries from fifty other fellow Gayo coffee farmers, subsequently growing the community as a whole.

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