Single Origin: Indonesia
Expect a bursting sensation of grape juice, as the temperature drops to warm, it will have a vibrant acidity that reminds us like mandarin orange, followed by a black tea finish.
Single Origin: Indonesia
This extensive 14 days fermentation leads to fruit-forward flavors that start with mango, followed by strawberry candy and raisin aftertaste.
Single Origin: Indonesia
This coffee has a purple-toned fruit taste profile, yet a very clean, and pronounced flavor. Starts with blackcurrant when it’s hot, followed with red grape, and a black tea finish.
Espresso Blend
The NEWNEW. The sweet fruit bomb. This combination of washed and natural Ethiopians is the champion of specialty coffee. This espresso offers a plethora of fruit notes, complex acidity and silky body. This espresso is...
Espresso Blend
The OG. The one that started it all. Our signature blend is always a combination of two Indonesian and an Ethiopian coffee. Something familiar, yet different. We have worked with this blend relentlessly to deliver...
Espresso Blend
This blend consists of the high quality arabica coffee from the Coffee plantation in South Sulawesi and Central Aceh. Both producers are not only known for producing the best Indonesian coffee, but also the pay great...
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