Elida Estate Catuai

Tasting Notes : Nectarine, Mango, Blackcurrant Tea


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Country       : Panama

Processing   : Anaerobic Slow Dry 144 H
Region        : Alto Quiel, Boquete Producer      : Lamastus Family
Altitude       : 1,670 - 2,050 masl

Tasting Notes : Nectarine, Mango, Blackcurrant Tea

Varietal       : Catuai

Elida's terroir is enriched by the natural qualities of the National Park. The coffee plants grow in this magnificent environment at 1,670 to 2,050 MASL. Fertile volcanic soil, cool temperatures, mist during the dry season, and virgin-native cloudy rainforest collectively contribute to an exceptional cup profile.

The Catuai is a single variety known for its high yield. The Anaerobic Slow-Dry (ASD) is a process that optimizes coffee cherries that are fermented in sealed tanks for approximately 144 hours before being transferred to multi-layered beds for more days, slow drying between 40 to 60 days. 

This process creates bursting fruit notes of nectarine, with the sweetness of mango, and a pleasant blackcurrant tea aftertaste.

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