Java Wanoja

You will taste an elegant acidity and juicy texture that reminds you of blood orange, followed by sweet sugar cane syrup and finished with white grapes in this coffee.

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Country: Indonesia Processing: Anaerobic Honey
Region: West Java, Kamojang Producer: Wanoja Coffee
Altitude: 1300 – 1500 masl Tasting Notes: Blood Orange, Sugar Cane Syrup, White Grapes
Varietal: Mixed Varietal

The Wanoja coffee farmers group founded by Hj. Eti Sumiati are located in West Java, Bandung, Kamojang. Wanoja itself means ’woman’ in Sundanese, as it was initially established with only female coffee farmers in the group. Wanoja grew rapidly with a total of 55 members, both male and female and the mills are now owned by Eti’s son, Satrea.


The process of anaerobic honey begins with selecting coffee cherries that are ripe, have good sugar content determined by the fruit thickness. Coffee cherries are then fermented for 5 days, depulped, and dried for 10 days under the sun until the moisture content reaches below 12% before the coffee is rested for 2 months. Once the resting process is complete, the coffee is hulled and enters the sorting processes; size, density and hand sorting.

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