Janson Lot 885

This ‘Kamala’ taste profile Geisha has a fruity and floral aroma that reminds us of Orange Blossom, with a juicy sweetness of a Red Apple, and a unique sensation like a Lychee Jelly.

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Country: Panama Processing: Anaerobic Natural
Region: Baru Volcano, Chiriqui Producer: Janson Estate & SSG Coffee Company
Altitude: 1700 masl Tasting Notes: Lychee Jelly, Red Apple, Orange Blossom
Varietal: Green-tip Geisha

Producing a high-quality coffee with a harmonious and meticulous approach to the environment is Janson estate’s goal. They keep the soil nutrients optimum by using microorganisms without using any pesticides or herbicides. The processing starts with picking and sorting the ripest, red coffee cherries. The cherries are then placed into a completely sealed fermentation tank, sprayed with a specific inoculant to achieve the desired tasting profile, and this inoculant will also ease the breakdown of the sugars and acids in the coffee cherries.

Coffee cherries are fermented until it reaches 3.8 pH, then dried on the raised beds until 10 - 12% moisture content. The dry pods are put into hermetic plastic to rest in a clean, non-humid room for at least 1 month before it's hulled. 

This is the first Geisha that was processed by our good friends from SSG and Catur Coffee Company.

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