Bali Kintamani

Combining anaerobic fermentation, and natural drying, this coffee has an outstanding Kamala taste profile. This coffee has aromatics of Acacia Flower, Juiciness of Peach with a delicate Chocolate-coated-Almond finish.

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Country: Indonesia Processing: Kamala
Region: Kintamani, Bali Producer: So So Good Coffee Company & Karana Global
Altitude: 1400-1500 masl Tasting Notes: Black Forest Cake, Cherry, Rum
Varietal: Kartika

SSG Coffee Company's Catur Collection is a solution to Indonesia's longstanding coffee production issues: crop consistency, availability and taste from harvest to harvest. Catur, translated to four in Sanskrit; refers to the 4 distinctive taste profiles featured in the collection: Bumi, Pucuk, Senja and Kamala — made possible by post-processing techniques, developed to ensure consistent profiles every harvest year.

‘Kamala’ means lotus as well as pale red in Sanskrit. This taste profile is SSG take on what Indonesian coffees could be under experimental yet directed post-harvest processing techniques. Kamala offers different arrays of fruity, boozy, cacao nibs and out of this wold flavours! These flavours could be achieve though anaerobic fermentation starters, pushing the fermentation to the apex of the curve, and then drying with the cherries intact.


“Kamala” is a tasting profile from Natural process with an Anaerobic-Environment Fermentation. Anaerobic means existing in the absence of free oxygen. Fermentation will begin as soon as a coffee is picked due to the presence of water, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. The sugars and acids in the coffee’s mucilage are then converted into different acids, CO2, ethyl alcohol, and other compounds. The beans will ferment somewhat differently depending on whether they are washed, natural, or honey, therefore leading to a variety of flavors.

They picked the ripe cherries, then sorted all the cherries leaving only the ripest cherries. Before moving into the fermentation tank, they sprayed it with a specific inoculant to achieve a “Kamala” tasting profile.

Coffee cherries are put inside the fermentation tank and controlled from the PH meter until it reaches 3.8. Cherries are then moved to the drying process, where they are put on a raised bed. then drying it until 10 - 12% moisture content. Put the dry pods into hermetic plastic and do the resting process in a clean and not humid room for at least 1 month, and then Coffee hull with calibrated huller, Sort coffee in ideal room conditions (not humid) according to SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) standards with a specialty grade target

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