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Tasting Notes: Mango, Raisin, and Chocolate Cookie

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Country: Indonesia Processing: Natural
Region: Batukaang, Kintamani Producer: Karana Global
Altitude: 1400-1500 masl Tasting Notes: Mango, Raisin, and Chocolate Cookie
Varietal: Kartika

Country: Indonesia

Region: Batukaang, Kintamani

Altitude: 1200 - 1500 MASL

Varietal: Kartika

Processing: Natural

Producer: Karana Global

Tasting Notes: Mango, Raisin, and Chocolate Cookie

Karana is a boutique producer and processor of Specialty Coffee green beans focusing on Bali. Developing quality Arabica and Robusta from plantations in Kintamani and Tabanan. They trained and employ locals to contribute annually to the projects centered on community education and the environment.

Embedded in traditional village life, Karana Global controls quality from the farm to the finished product. Their coffees are traceable and processed with the utmost care. Grown in the range of altitude between 1.200 - 1.500 MASL, this coffee came from Batukaang village in Kintamani, Bali. It is single variety Kartika. It is a localized version of the Catuai variety, the name Kartika itself stands for ‘Kopi Arabika Tipe Katai’, which translates as Catuai variety.

This coffee is processed as a classic natural drying. After picking the ripest cherries, the coffee cherries are dried instantly in raised beds until they reach the desired moisture levels. This natural drying and Karana’s meticulous attention creates a fruit-forward coffee with notes of ripe mango, along with a unique dried fruit sensation like raisin, and a pleasant finish of chocolate cookie.

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