Aceh Carbonic Natural

This coffee has a purple-toned fruit taste profile, yet a very clean, and pronounced flavor. Starts with blackcurrant when it’s hot, followed with red grape, and a black tea finish.

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Country: Indonesia Processing: Carbonic Natural
Region: Gayo, Pegasing Producer: Hendra Maulizar
Altitude: 1640 masl Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, Red Grape, Black Tea
Varietal: Abyssinia, Catimor, Caturra

Hendra Maulizar started working in the coffee industry in 2008, based in Central Aceh, helping his parents manage the family plantation. In 2010, he started working on the post-harvest process, conducting experiments related to coffee processing. According to him, the best achievement so far was when our co-founder and then Indonesian Barista Champion, Yoshua Tanu, brought the coffee he processed to the 2017 World Barista Championship in Seoul.

The first step is picking good quality coffee cherries; ripest cherries are a must. Then the whole coffee cherries are put inside the tank to ferment for 100 hours, along with injecting Carbon dioxide that is changed every 6 hours. It is dried for about 25 days in the greenhouse.

This carbonic natural process coffee consists of three varieties: Abyssinia, Catimor, and Caturra. It has a purple-toned fruit taste profile, yet a very clean, and pronounced flavor. Starts with blackcurrant when it’s hot, followed with red grape, and a black tea finish.

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