Espresso Roast - 250 grams

Rp 180.000

Sterling Blend from St. ALi is a new school blend for those who likes their coffee with a bright fruit acidity and full of flavour.

Blackcurrant, Jasmine, Black Tea

80% Colombia Carlos Fransisco Guzman Washed
Region: Yacuanquer, NariƱo, Colombia
Altitude: 2.000 MASL
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Full Washed

20% Ethiopia Misty Valley Natural
Region: Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1.750 – 1.950 MASL
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Natural

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To ensure the best and fresh delivered. Coffee will be processed and delivered in 3-5 days time. Not including the weekend (any orders taken after 12pm will only be processed on the next working day).

We always ship our coffee, Whole Beans. If you would like your beans to be grounded, we recommend that you visit the nearest Common Grounds store.

* All prices above does not include 10% sales tax and shipping.

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(1 kg)

Rp 475.000


(200 gr)

Rp 125.000


(1 kg)

Rp 375.000

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