Rp 650.000


Handles and spouts, perfectly aligned in all directions, to the millimetre. Perfect alignment means this pitcher pours consistent and symmetrical latte art - every time.

Space Black or Stainless Steel

The environmentally friendly electrocoat is impossibly shiny and deep. We call it space black. No peeling, no chips. The colour is dissolved into the metal itself. Our stainless steel has a high-sheen glossy silver finish instead.


This is a professional grade tool that’s built tough. Thick 0.9mm stainless bends less and holds shape longer. A fully flush laser welded handle that has no un-washable crevices around the join.

Versatile Spout

Designed for high accuracy latte art and zero dribbles. Wide enough for slowsettas, narrow enough for detailed pouring. Super versatile.
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