Café Granja La Esperanza Mandela X.O.

This Coffee has a fruit bomb like Mango, with a candy sweetness of Grape Candy and an Unique finish like biting Dark Chocolate with Blueberries inside.

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Country: Colombia Processing: X.O.
Region: Trujillo, Valle Del Cauca Producer: Café Granja
Altitude: 1430 - 1760 masl Tasting Note: Mango, Grape Candy, Dark Chocolate Coated Blueberries

Varietal: Mandela

Mandela is grown on the La Esperanza farm, and it is a cultivar that went through three crosses. Starting from self-pollinating Caturra, which is more resistant to diseases. Secondly, it was crossed with the Timor Hybrid to increase the crop yield. Lastly, it was crossed again with Ethiopian landrace varieties such as Sudan Rume, Daleco, and Villa Sarchi to get the fruity characteristics.

X.O. stands for a special process, inspired by ‘Extra Old’ liquers such as cognac or brandy X.O. This Mandela X.O. went through a long whole cherry fermentation process for a staggering 168 hours in sealed tanks. After the cherries meet the desired fermentation parameters, they are taken to a mechanical dryer where the drying process starts and takes 4 to 5 days with a break of 24 hours.

Mandela X.O. is the winning coffee that Yessy used for Indonesian Barista Competition. It is a fruit bomb that reminds us of Mango, with a candy-like sweetness of Grape Candy and a unique finish like biting Dark Chocolate with Blueberries inside.

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