Janson Geisha Natural lot 742

This coffee has a sweetness and delicate acidity that reminds us of Mandarin Orange, with an elegant aroma along with juiciness of White peach and finished with a strong Acacia Flower.

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Country: Panama Processing: Natural
Region: Tizingal, Panama Producer: Natural
Altitude: 1700 masl Tasting Note: Mandarin Orange, White Peach, Acacia Flower
Varietal: Green Tip Geisha

The Janson coffee farm is run by the first and second generation of the Janson family members. Constantly focusing on improving quality, they have earned several awards with their coffee always being among the best on the semifinal and final tables of the Best of Panama. Their natural lot geisha from Los Alpes took second place in the Best of Panama in 2019 with an average score of 94.

This Janson lot 742 grown is at Los Alpes farm, on the slopes of Tizingal, Talamanca Mountain Range. The ripest cherries are handpicked and sorted manually, then fermented for 72 hours. These beans are naturally dried on patios and raised beds for 11 days. Then after each batch is dried, it’s placed inside a black grain bag, which in turn is placed inside a fertilizer bag.

It is a classic natural processed Geisha, aromatic and vibrant in flavor. This coffee is bursting with sweetness and acidity that reminds us of Mandarin Orange, followed by juicy White Peach and finished with a lingering sensation of Acacia Flower.

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