Toraja Kalosi

Sulotco rejuvenated the traditional local varietal - Kalosi Toraja, reintroducing its unique taste of Jasmine Tea, Citrus, and Chocolate that was once lost. 

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Country: Indonesia Processing: Washed
Region: Tana Toraja Producer: Sulotco Jaya Abadi
Altitude: 1500-1700 masl Tasting Notes: Rose Apple, Molasses, Black Tea
Varietal: Mixed Varietal

Over the years, Rante Karua plantation has built a reputation of producing some of the world's best Sulawesi coffees. Common known as Celebes Kalossi Toraja, Rante Karua's coffees are often sold under Sulotco.

Originally started by the Dutch during the colonization, Rante Karua was revived by Sulotco upon a 50-year lease from the Indonesian government in 1986. Whilst planting new coffee plants, Sulotco also rejuvenated the tradional local varietal - Kalosi Toraja, reintroducing its unique taste that was once lost.

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